Regulations & Misc Info

                                         GLASER’S LAKE COTTAGE

                                   3215 Beecher Lane

                                    Phelps, WI.  54554

                       815-218-1466 (cell) Home 815-397-1033

                              Lake Phone 715-547-3055




We’d like to welcome you to our home for your vacation and make your vacation as pleasant as possible. It is important to us that you treat our home and our belongings with care.  You will notice that we have some locked cabinets where we keep our personal belongings and ask that you do not try to open.  In the larger bedroom we have our personal items in the closet and the 2 door chest and ask that you do not disturb.  If you should accidentally break something, please let us know so the cleaning girl does not have to inform us after you leave.   We would expect you to notify owner and replace any broken items.  Due to health regulations, all the beds have waterproof mattress pads and ask that you do not remove.  If your child should have an accident, please be responsible to wash the bedding.  AS PER THE HEALTH DEPARTNENT, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE COMFORTERS ON THE BEDS AS BLANKETS. OUR PROPERTY IS INSPECTED AND LICENSED BY THE VILAS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  At the end of your vacation week, we ask that you remove the sheets and pillow cases and put in the basket in the laundry room.  Please fold the blankets and leave on the beds.  If you use the dishwasher, washer/dryer or stove, please be present  while using.  If you leave the cottage, please make sure you lock while you are gone.  We also ask that you DO NOT SMOKE IN THE COTTAGE.   Please use the toilet paper provided as it is user friendly to our septic system.  The indoor fireplace will be locked during the summer rental season but you may have an outdoor fire in the fire pit. Please call 1-888-936-7463 before you have a fire.  Burning Permit posted on refrigerator.  If you need to use the heat, ceiling fans, inside and outside lights, please make sure they are turned off after your vacation.   New in 2023-tankless water heater and Generac Generator.  We have provided 2 sets of keys. The key lock box is located to the right of the ramp leading to the house behind a metal green birdhouse. Key code provided before your stay.  Please return keys to THE BOX .

GARBAGE:  You will need to bring your own heavy duty garbage bags, 42 gallon bags fit garbage can provided in house.  Outside metal garbage cans are provided for you to dispose of your garbage. All house garbage must be taken to the dump on Highway B after or during your vacation stay. Days open posted on refrigerator/bulletin board.  We have also provided cans for separation of glass, colored glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminum cans.  Please separate these items from your garbage.  If you need to dispose of fish parts after cleaning, please dispose of by taking down the lane and dumping in the woods or taking to the dump in Land O Lakes.  Do not let your fish guts lay around for more than a day especially when it is hot.   Pets allowed with prior approval- Pet fee $100.00 per dog.  Cats are not allowed.  Dispose of dog waste by taking to the dump or disposing in the woods.  If you leave your dog unattended in the cabin while you are away or outside, please crate unless you know that your dog will not do any damage in the cabin.  We have experienced damage when dogs have been left in the cabin alone.  2021 New Lakeside windows-don’t let dogs scratch glass.

PARKING:  Please do not park on the grass or concrete patio.  There are two parking spaces in front of the garage and two spaces across from the garage along with two spaces alongside the garage for your boats and trailers. (6 TOTAL PARKING SPACES) Do not block the driveway that leads to our neighbors house.   

OUTDOORS:  We have provided a gas grill and a Weber grill for your use.  When using the gas grill, please use aluminum cooking tins to cook in.  You will need to provide your own charcoal for the Weber grill.  Lawn chairs are provided and you may have outdoor fires in the stainless steel fire pit located down by the water.  You may want to have the hose handy when having an outdoor fire.  Hose is located on lakeside   We do not provide fire wood.  Please obey all hunting, fishing, local off road and snowmobiling regulations.  Off road & snowmobiling  regulations  1-715-479-5160-Hunting/Fishing 1-888-936-7463-Burning 1-888-936-7463

PIER:  NO DIVING OFF THE PIER!!!!  The pier is aluminum and may be slippery when wet.  Please do not run on the pier.  We ask that you do not disturb our boats on our boat lifts.  The fishing boat we provide with the cottage needs to be cranked up out of the water after using.  You may rent a motor for this boat at any nearby resort or in the town of Land O Lakes.  Life jackets and boat paddles are provided for this boat and are located in the metal container  marked renters box. The key for this box is attached to the house keys.  Provide your own life jackets for your boats.  After your vacation week, please put all the lawn furniture in one place so the yard can be mowed.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW ROCKS IN THE LAKE!!!!!!

ITEMS YOU WILL NEED TO BRING:  You will need to bring your own towels, toiletries, aluminum throw-away cooking pans for the grills and heavy duty garbage bags.  If you plan on using the dishwasher & washing machine, you will need to bring soap,(liquid),scott towels, dishrags, dishtowels and aluminum foil.  Washer/dryer new in 2021.

CLEANING:  Our cleaning lady  will be in after your vacation at 9:00 a.m.  Please try to be out by 9 a.m.  Return keys to the lock box.  Do not leave any leftover food in the refrigerator or freezer.  Take all your belongings with you.  If you should take something accidentally that is not yours, please let us know ASAP/   Check in is at 2:00 p.m.  Check out is 9 a.m.

The circuit breaker box is located in the Patriotic bedroom behind the flag on the wall.

Although we have a phone in the cottage, we ask that you use your cell phones for your calls.

You may have to walk to the back of the house or on the pier to get reception. Emergency and non emergency numbers posted on bulletin board.    


Again, we hope you have a great vacation and do not hesitate to contact me. LORI